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The KEY to great Gospel radio is the MUSIC! WGLC 96.3 FM is constantly on the lookout for GREAT GOSPEL MUSIC to help keep our music playlists current, relevant, and that keep people listening! While we strongly encourage music submissions from experienced and reputable radio promoters, we also welcome artists to submit music to us on their own behalf as well. 

It's so important that artists understand that the music that they create is of optimal quality. We require that the production of your song is of premium quality and suitable for professional broadcasting. We further require that , your song is properly and completely mixed and mastered.



Take a good listen to our station and take note of our station culture and format. Pay close attention to the music that we play to see if you objectively think that your music would fit on our station. We play Gospel and Inspirational music and we also love to get music from a select few Gospel sub-genres: Rhythm and Praise, Gospel Rap/Hip Hop, etc. 

We strongly recommend that your song is 4 minutes or less. We will absolutely consider a longer song submission, however please understand that as a new independent artist, you should definitely refrain from submitting a song that is longer than 4 minutes, 30 seconds. If you have a long song, we recommend that you have a radio edit created and submit that to us. Songs longer than 4 minutes, 30 seconds tend to stand very little chance of receiving radio airplay. All submissions must be in MP3 format.


If your music is an independent submission, we require that you utilize the form at the bottom of the page. We only receive an email submission in certain rare instances, otherwise an email submission will be voided and deleted. Our guidelines are so rigid because we receive a very large volume of submissions, and obtaining the appropriate information is absolutely essential.


Further, BEFORE you submit your single, we recommend that you:


Make Sure Your Song is Available for Purchase, Download, or Stream on These Digital Music Outlets:

iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon



We ask that after you have submitted your music for airplay that you please be patient. We get a large volume of music submissions and we do our best to listen to as much of it as quick as possible, and you should consider that there are likely a good number of submissions that came in before yours. 

If you'd like to pay for tracking services or would like to hire a radio promoter, we recommend Avidity Promotions, as this company is a preferred vendor to WGLC 96.3 FM || The Mix. 


Given the sheer high number of submissions that we receive, you will only get a response from us if we are able to add your song or if we have questions regarding your submission. If you do not get a response from us, then that typically means that your submission is still in the review phase or we have denied the song for airplay.

Finally, please take note once again that your submission does not guarantee airplay. Please complete the following information in the form below. If you fail to completely fill in all of the requested information, you run the risk of having your submission automatically denied. 

Please FULLY read our Music Submission
Guidelines BEFORE submitting your song!

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